Seriously Helps You To Energize!

SHYTE: Seriously Helps You To Energize

We may be silly, but we take our chocolate very seriously.

Kevin Richards, Belgium Maître (Master) Chocolatier & Chocolate Alchemist has taken the finest quality cocoa sourced only from the Amazon Rain Forest and paired it perfectly with 100% New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate (micro-filtered & grass-fed, NOT grain-fed).

The world’s largest producer of cocoa is the Ivory Coast, however the finest quality cocoa in the world originates from the Amazon Rain Forest, more specifically Ecuador. We have chosen only Theobroma Arriba Criollo direct from Ecuador as it is the highest ranked chocolate on the planet. We use only non-GMO, non-hybrid, pure, fair-trade cocoa that is never alkalized (commercially processed) and our dark chocolates are certified organic in order to ensure the maximum flavour and health benefits of the cocoa that we deliver. All of our cocoa, dark and milk chocolates are direct, point-of-origin from the plantation in Ecuador to us. 


Please...Eat Shyte.